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The WriteHer Shoulder Bag

The WriteHer Shoulder Bag

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Step into a world where fashion meets storytelling with the WriteHer Bag, a stunning embodiment of contrast and harmony. Designed for the woman who carries her stories with grace, the WriteHer is more than an accessory—it's a companion on your journey of self-expression.


The Essence:

Dual Design: One side, pure and serene, features the gentle words, "How soft your thoughts on quiet days," set against a backdrop of a woman lost in writing, accompanied by a pink rose and a bottle of perfume. This side symbolizes the day, reflecting moments of introspection and creation.

Mystical Contrast: The other side, deep and enigmatic, bears the phrase, "Of moonlit nights and star-filled skies," adorned with a candle, stars, and the moon, capturing the essence of night's allure and dreams.

Made with high-grade PU leather, this custom shoulder bag comes packed with both style and durability. It is spacious, comfortable and can accommodate your ideas in crisp detail. Available in 2x sizes.

.: 100% high-grade PU leather
.: Polyester lining
.: Gold-colored zipper and buckles
.: Available in two sizes
.: Double-sided print
.: Stylish fit

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