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Ankh Kouture

The IlluminateHer Shoulder Bag

The IlluminateHer Shoulder Bag

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Discover the radiance within with the IlluminateHer bag, a beacon of light in accessory form. This bag isn't just a carry-all; it's a statement of enlightenment and inner clarity. Crafted for the enlightened and insightful, it represents a journey of self-discovery and illumination. Ideal for the woman who shines from within and seeks to light the way for others. The IlluminateHer bag is a celebration of wisdom, insight, and the power of shedding light on one's true path. Carry it as a symbol of your luminous spirit and your commitment to being a source of inspiration and enlightenment in every step you take.

Made with high-grade PU leather, this custom shoulder bag comes packed with both style and durability. It is spacious, comfortable and can accommodate your ideas in crisp detail. Available in 2x sizes.Β 

.: 100% high-grade PU leather
.: Polyester lining
.: Gold-colored zipper and buckles
.: Available in two sizes
.: Double-sided print
.: Stylish fit

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