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Ankh Kouture

The DisruptHer Shoulder Bag

The DisruptHer Shoulder Bag

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Introducing the DisruptHer bag, a symbol of unity and liberation. Bearing the profound statement 'No One is Free Until We All Are', this bag embodies a call for collective freedom and justice. It's crafted for those who are not just fashion-forward but also forward-thinking, aligning with the principles of equity and inclusivity. Ideal for the changemaker, the advocate, and the disrupter who walks in solidarity with all. The DisruptHer bag is more than an accessory—it's a commitment to a world where freedom is universal. Carry it as a badge of honor, a reminder that your style is as impactful as your beliefs."Made with high-grade PU leather, this custom shoulder bag comes packed with both style and durability. It is spacious, comfortable, and can accommodate your ideas in crisp detail. Available in 2x sizes. 

.: 100% high-grade PU leather
.: Polyester lining
.: Gold-colored zipper and buckles
.: Available in two sizes
.: Double-sided print
.: Stylish fit

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